Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet

Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet

    This beautiful phone card wallet fits just about every smartphone or case like  iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus, Nexus, HTC, and many more! Works also on most phone cases as well as tablets such as Samsung Tabs and iPads.

    The strong elastic phone card wallet can securely hold your credit cards, cash, as well as small items that can be easy to lose such as SD cards, junkdrives, earphones, keys, etc. Contents will not fall out! Can also be used on walls and refrigerators to organize daily essentials.

    NOTE: These wallets may not adhere to surfaces that are uneven or textured.

    • Width - 6cm (2.4 inches)
    • Height - 9.7cm (3.8 inches)
    • Thickness - 0.2cm (0.08 inches)

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    Grace Takes Me - Phone Card Wallet
    1 Card Wallet - $4.99 - $4.99
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 172 reviews

    Great company and gift idea.


    Thank you so much for the review and being a loyal customer.

    Have A Blessed Day!

    Scott Beery (Girard, US)

    Like the hat, fits good, only complaint is the lion is not as shown on photo, it is black.


    Very nice didn’t stick at first but now it does

    Carol Teahan (Brighton, US)

    I paid for one. But you sent me two. I know of only one dog named Misty. Please refund the cost for the second ornament you included in the same envelope/package. Send a returns label and I'll happily return the second "Misty" ornament to you.

    Carol- Thanks for reaching out to us. According to our system you placed two orders. Our Customer Support will be reaching out to you.

    Leah Kissick (Gettysburg, US)
    Excellent service

    Was quick and easy.

    Leah- We aim to please... :)

    Pam T (Blacksburg, US)
    Exactly as Described

    The t-shirts were exactly as described. The material is quite soft..

    Pam- We think it is too.. :)

    Richard Silkes (Butler, US)
    A great experience

    I am an enthusiastic return customer. The company’s products and services are first-rate. Clean Apparel has earned my loyalty.

    Richard- Your words are kind and humbling... thank you!

    David Twitchell (Merlin, US)
    Perfect gift.

    I got this for myself, but it seemed to be the perfect for my Pastor on Pastor Appreciation.

    David- We ALL work for God... we think it's perfect too.

    Ralph MacKenzie (Detroit, US)

    The work for God t-shirt I brought from you is probably the 5th or 6th t-shirt... This is the second time that I was sent the incorrect size. After I received a very apologetic letter. Shirt at no cost to me . THE LATEST SHIRT (work for God ) was sent as the incorrect size and when I replied.... No apology... Was told I would be given a discount and still charged for shipping. THE SECOND SHIRT WAS A VERY DISAPPOINTING TRANSACTION. DON'T NEED THE SMALL SHIRT YOU SENT AND YOUDO NOT WANT IT RETURNED. The individual I talked with was not the first individual I dealt with I'm the first shirt . I received your invoice and paid it and was told that it was shipped. REMAIN DISAPPOINTED


    Ralph- First of all we appreciate your support.

    We looked into your review and found on one of your earlier orders you ordered a Small. We sent you a replacement shirt at no cost to you. For whatever reason, the same thing happened again. We shipped the size you ordered (Small) while it appears you wanted an XL again. We don't see a customer's previous history when we fulfill orders otherwise we would've reached out to confirm your order. We're not sure what happened. We send a confirmation email to every customer listing the items that were ordered. Do you recall receiving one for this and your other orders?

    We pride ourselves on Customer Service and we're sorry if we weren't as courteous as we strive for outstanding service to each and every customer each and every time. We're sorry that your experience wasn't what we expect and you received and will work harder next time to earn your continued support.

    P.Turner (Oil City, US)
    first time customer

    I'm very pleased with the color, fit and message of this t-shirt. It's a great conversation starter. And thanks for keeping in contact when I had to change the size of the shirt I bought for my husband. Great doing business with you. I'll be back for more. God bless.

    Patty- Thank you for the kind words. Customer Service is very important to us!

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