Made For HIM


Clean Apparel is built with the sole purpose of glorifying the King of kings. We believe that as we do that, we are also going to be fulfilling the secondary purpose of edifying His Bride.

Our purpose is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with the products we create. We believe that Christianity is a thing of grace, for God to choose us to be a part of His family is a privilege and our singular goal is to encourage believers to express His grace.



What does Clean Apparel mean?

We believe that only in Jesus Christ can sinful men and women be clothed with righteousness and without HIM we remain DEAD. As those saved by grace, it's our responsibility to share the gospel with as many people as we can. We believe this can be done with words and most importantly our actions. We are here to provide conversation starters. 

Join us to proclaim the word of GOD and share our little conversation starters with your friends and family. If you have any questions about Clean Apparel, LLC, please feel free to ask us by calling our number, chatting with us or sending us an email. 

Remain safe in HIM! 


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