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Types of Christian Hoodies

FAQs from Clients About Our Christian Hoodies

We're happy to help with any question about our religious hoodies!

What are Christian hoodies?

Our Christian hoodies are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. The soft fleece lining will keep you comfortable, while the kangaroo pocket provides a place to store your hands, keys or keep your phone close by. With our unique designs, you'll be able to share the love of Christ while wearing a soft fabric hoodie perfect for the cold weather.

Why do we make Christian hoodies?

We make Christian hoodies because they are the perfect way to share your faith in Christ and stay warm at the same time. What could be better than a cozy hoodie to keep you warm? Hoodies are just plain great, whether you’re wearing them to church, out with friends, or just lounging around the house, Christian hoodies are a great way to stay comfortable during cold seasons.

Where are the Christian hoodies made?

Our Christian hoodies are made are made with sustainably sourced USA grown cotton and printed here in the USA.

What material are the Christian hoodies made off?

Our Christian hoodies are made of the finest quality materials to keep you looking and feeling your best. The weight is 8.0 oz / 271 g. The fabric is composed of 50/50 Cotton/Polyester NuBlend® Pre-shrunk Fleece. The two-ply hood is extra-warm and is made adjustable with two dye-matched drawstrings that are routed through reinforced, grommeted openings. This hooded sweatshirt is made with quality in mind, complete with double-needle stitched armholes and set-in sleeves, as well as 1x1 spandex ribbed cuffs and a waistband that is double stitched.

What types of Christian hoodies are there?

Yes, our theme is fully compatible and supports Sections on every page.

How comfortable are the Christian hoodies?

Our Christian hoodies are some of the most comfortable on the market. The fabric is soft and luxurious, and it's perfect for keeping you warm. Whether you're lounging at home or out on a cold day, our hoodies will keep you comfortable.

Are there Christian hoodies with messages?

All our Christian hoodies come with messages that encourage and help in expressing your faith in Christ.

Are the Christian hoodies safe for the skin?

Our regular hoodies are made with 50/50 Cotton/Polyester NuBlend® Pre-shrunk Fleece and are safe for the skin.

Can the Christian hoodies be hitchy on the skin?

Since our hoodie are made with cotton and polyester they should be perfectly safe and comfortable on your skin.

What Christian hoodie is the cheapest?

All our hoodies are priced affordably, choose the design you like best.

Which is the most popular Christian hoodie?

Currently our most popular christian hoodie is the “JESUS TOOK NAPS” hoodie.

How can I decide what's the best Christian hoodie for me?

The best way to decide the best Christian hoodie for you is by going through our selections of hoodies with great messages and seeing which one speaks to you and the messages you love, that way you would be happy to wear this hoodie anywhere you choose to go.

Are there different Christian hoodies for different seasons and weather?

We have athletic and heavy hoodies. Hoodies are worn more in the winter but there is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the personal preferences of the individual. Some people might prefer to wear a hoodie in the winter when it is cold outside, while others might prefer to wear a lighter hoodie in the summer when it is hot outside. Additionally, some people might prefer to have different hoodies for different weather conditions, while others might not see a need for that. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

How do I wash the Christian hoodies?

Turn your Christian hoodies inside out and put them them in the washer on the gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. You may want to add a fabric softener to the load to keep the fabric from becoming stiff. Our hoodies can also be dried in the dryer on low heat, or they can be hung to dry.

How do I store the Christian hoodies?

The hoodies need to be stored in a way that will protect them from wrinkles and dust. You could fold them and put them in a drawer, or hang them up in a closet. If you have enough space, you could also store them in a chest or armoire.

Can I iron the Christian hoodies?

Yes, you can iron our Christian hoodies. The cotton-polyester blend fabric is sturdy and will hold up to a little bit of ironing. Be sure to use a low setting and avoid any direct contact with the design (you should turn the hoodie inside out and iron it)

How long will the Christian hoodies last for?

The expected lifetime of a hoodie is around 5-6 years. However, this can vary depending on factors such as how often the hoodie is worn, how it is laundered, and the environment it is used in. Generally speaking, though, a well-made hoodie should last for several years with proper care.

How can I make the Christian hoodies last longer?

There are a few things that you can do to make your hoodies last longer. First, make sure to wash them in cold water and avoid using bleach. You can also line dry them instead of using a dryer. Additionally, you can iron them on low heat if they need a little bit of refreshing. Make sure to store them in a dry place when not in use. Finally, avoid pulling at the fabric or wearing it too tight, as this can also lead to premature wear and tear.

How do the Christian hoodies fit?

Our hoodies fit true to the sizing chart.

How can I style my Christian hoodie to look better?

There are many ways to style our Christian hoodie. Some people like to wear it zipped up, while others prefer to leave it unzipped and let the hood hang down. You can also roll up the sleeves. Another option is to knot the bottom of the hoodie, creating a smaller, more fitted look and pairing it with other items of clothing such as jeans or sweatpants. Experiment with different looks to see what works best for you.

Do the Christian hoodies come undersized or oversized relative to the size shown in the website?

Our hoodies are true to the size guides on our product pages, if you want it under or oversized choose a smaller or larger size.

What is our return policy with the Christian hoodies?

We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship 100%. Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge. Our products are custom printed once your order is made so we typically do not accept returns or exchanges due to incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc. Please read our sizing chart carefully as we do indicate if a clothing type runs small or large. Any questions about this please feel free to contact us by phone: (417) 217-7449, chat or email:


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