Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel
Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel
Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel
Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel
Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel
Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee - Clean Apparel

Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee

    • FAITH MEETS COMFY: You will get a great fit with a super comfortable material on every order. *Warning* This product might cause random strangers to give you compliments.
    • EDIFY YOUR BODY: This God glorifying design is available on a slouchy tee.
    • FEEDS A CHILD: Every purchase goes towards feeding a hungry child, your order today makes a real world impact.
    • CONVERSATION MAGNET: Boosts conversations by 79.5%, we didn't make that up, its science. Every one will want to know where you got this from, use that opportunity to share your faith!

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    Wait Like Sarah Ladies Slouchy Tee
    Black / S - $27.95
    • Black / S - $27.95
    • Black / M - Sold out
    • Black / L - Sold out
    • Black / XL - Sold out
    • Black / 2XL - $29.95
    • Black / 3XL - $31.95
    • Heather Grey / S - $27.95
    • Heather Grey / M - $27.95
    • Heather Grey / L - Sold out
    • Heather Grey / XL - $27.95
    • Heather Grey / 2XL - Sold out
    • Heather Grey / 3XL - $31.95
    • Mint / S - $27.95
    • Mint / M - $27.95
    • Mint / L - Sold out
    • Mint / XL - Sold out
    • Mint / 2XL - $29.95
    • Mint / 3XL - Sold out
    • Cancun / S - Sold out
    • Cancun / M - Sold out
    • Cancun / L - Sold out
    • Cancun / XL - $27.95
    • Cancun / 2XL - $29.95
    • Cancun / 3XL - Sold out
    • Navy / S - $27.95
    • Navy / M - $27.95
    • Navy / L - $27.95
    • Navy / XL - Sold out
    • Navy / 2XL - $29.95
    • Navy / 3XL - Sold out
    • Pink / S - $27.95
    • Pink / M - $27.95
    • Pink / L - Sold out
    • Pink / XL - $27.95
    • Pink / 2XL - $29.95
    • Pink / 3XL - Sold out

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ginger Gilmet
    The woman of the bible

    Love the fabric and the fit.
    The message is clear and begins talks about each woman. People ask, "what about Deborah"?
    These women are the bomb!

    Ginger- You are right! These women are the bomb... :)

    Linda Ferguson
    It’s Perfect!

    I AM A FAN! This t-shirt is so unique, I decided to go to your website and try to determine where you were located. I rarely purchase clothing online anymore because... and I am embarrassed to admit that I have been burned twice. It seems like everything is made out of the country, is of poor quality and impossible to return. After reading your story and speaking with the nicest person in customer service, I felt comfortable that wasn’t the case. The quality is great, fit is perfect and I really like the neck on the slouchy tee style! I will be purchasing more! It is great conversation starter and I have already had lots of compliments! Telling everyone to check out Cleanapparel.com!

    Rachel Williamson
    love the shirt but I can't wear it

    I am so bummed!I saw a friend with a Wait Like Sarah T-shirt and loved it, so wanted one for myself. When I measured, I was between a Medium and a Large, but I didn't like the colors in large. so I ordered a Medium (slouchy T). Someone called to tell me that the color I ordered was no longer available in my size so I ordered another color. When I received it, it fit smaller than I'd hoped. Since I didn't like the colors in Large slouchy, I ordered a Large in unisex. I wish I had read the reviews first! The Large arrived and is smaller than my Medium! So now I have two T-shirts, neither of which can be worn to the gym. :( So I am stuck with both now - at price that is much higher than I would normally pay for a T-shirt. I love the saying, but be warned!


    Kath Mac
    Love This Shirt!

    I love these shirts. I want to order one for my brother who is recovering from a heart attack. Great product!

    Roxanne Granica
    Wait like Sarah

    Love this shirt! Soft and comfy and fits great. A great reminder of the strong women of the Bible and the important roles they played!

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